Josephine Adzima Hylwa, CT Licensed Funeral Director #5182,
holds young Nicholas Hylwa, Jr. on the front porch stairs of the Hylwa Funeral Home, 22 Lester St., Ansonia, circa 1937.

In the 1930’s Nicholas L. and Josephine Hylwa, Sr. (children of European Immigrants), founded the Hylwa Funeral Home located at 22 Lester Street, Ansonia. Their business flourished as they served the needs of many Eastern European, Slavic and Russian Orthodox families with integrity, compassion and respect.

Following his graduation from the University of Miami and service in US Army, their son, Nicholas Hylwa, Jr. joined the family business. In 1980, Nicholas Hylwa, Jr., moved the family business to its current location at 167 Wakelee Avenue and re-licensed the funeral home as the “Wakelee Memorial Funeral Home.” Generations will forever call the funeral home “Hylwa’s”, but it still bears the name “Wakelee Memorial” today. Mr. Hylwa experienced unprecedented growth in the following years and continued to operate the business until his death in 2000. Determined to keep her husband’s legacy alive and serve the needs of many client families, Mrs. Virginia K. Hylwa continued to own and operate the funeral home for the next six years, searching for the right individual to carry forward this legacy.

Virginia K. Hylwa and Nicholas Hylwa, Jr.

Ansonia Mayor James Della Volpe, Virginia K. Hylwa,
Milly and John Zaleski took part in rededication ribbon-cutting at
Wakelee Memorial Funeral Home.

In September of 2006, the search was over. Mrs. Hylwa sold the business to John Stanley Zaleski, yet continues to work at the funeral home in the capacity of Administrator.  Mr. Zaleski is a lifelong Shelton resident of Polish heritage.

In June 2007, the Connecticut Funeral Directors Association presented the prestigious "75 Years In Business" Award to Wakelee Memorial Funeral Home.

Virginia K. Hylwa and Milly & John Zaleski